The adventurous side of my soul has always sought travel as medicine to soothe any stress. As with any adventurous journey, one is presented with infinite possibilities of learning because travel enables people to broaden their minds while opening their eyes to newer cultures and ways of life. Hence, the trips that I have embarked on have showered me with memorable yet interesting experiences; most of them have shaped my perspective in terms of growing my company.

For instance, I had an enlightening experience recently when I travelled to Bali. Apart from the Indonesian island’s marvellous forested volcanic mountain range and comforting meditative and yoga rituals, it was a particular conversation I had with an entrepreneur from Europe that sparked introspection. He was of the opinion that the hard work put in by the Indian workforce disables them from carrying out any activities of personal interest. As we were sharing our perspective over a kettle of the Panas, a traditional black tea, I agreed with his outlook as the long work hours involved in our work culture trample any desires to seek personal indulgences. The state is such that losing ourselves in the labyrinth, we become conditioned to the mundaneness and forget what true leisure and relaxation really mean.

He further addressed that since I am also an entrepreneur, I must have more flexibility in pursuing my interests. I found the insight quite interesting and have henceforth tried to merge my desire for travel with my business plans. I could set up ventures in different countries allowing me the flexibility to travel and focus on my professional life at the same time. This essentially means that I can strike two birds with a single stone, allowing time for both work and play simultaneously.

For instance, I could perhaps travel to both Greece and Athens in the same week, conduct business meetings while also experiencing the respective country’s historic architecture, food, scenic beauty, and other cultural aspects during my free time. This will allow me to harness both professional as well as personal relationships, and constantly broaden my learning avenues in absolute terms.

There is no doubt that when an individual is relaxed on both mental and physical fronts, he/she is best capable and willing to attain optimal results. Extroversion has always come naturally to me, which is why travel and I represent two peas in a pod. I am blessed to have had such adventures aligned for me in the past and believe that similar travel experiences in the future can not only keep me energetic and healthy but also provide newer and broader avenues for business growth.

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ has always befitted human life. Albeit I have more flexibility in my work life, I would further urge the working class to incorporate and go back to the aspects of life that can bring a smile to their faces. Travel is such an ingredient in my particular story, however, for others it may be something else, viz. , sport, cooking, literature, painting or even knitting. They may involve their families and close friends as well, because a work-life balance is essential for personal as well as professional development.

I am grateful that I have figured out a way to blend my interests in travel with my passion for communication. This understanding would not have been attained if I had not stepped outside the four walls of my office. Hence, any working individual must invest their time and energy in any recreational activity of their choice to introspect and broaden their perspectives. I have found my calling and ways to enhance my enjoyment as well. I hope all readers put in the time and effort, because with some patience they can find similar answers to live fruitful and fulfilling lives.