In 2015, at a very young age of 27 years , I embarked on the challenging journey of establishing Equations Media & PR in an industry where established giants reigned, and where the communications and PR landscape was experiencing a rapid transformation. With little more than a vision in my mind and a rough plan in my head, I fearlessly dived into the bustling world of public relations. 

My journey was marked by relentless determination and an unwavering commitment to my dream of having my own entity one day. Many times, I found myself navigating uncharted waters, where technology was rapidly changing the rules of the game. In an industry crowded with well-established Advertising and PR firms, many would have hesitated, but I took it up as  a challenge and therefore saw a huge opportunity to set up Equations. I saw opportunities where others saw obstacles. I honed my skills, absorbed knowledge, moved out of my comfort zone and sought mentors who could guide me through the complexities of the PR world. 

With each challenge I faced, I emerged stronger and more resilient. My relentless pursuit of my vision transformed me into a formidable force in the industry. Equations was not just a company; it was my manifestation of what I held as “equations” in my heart. I understood that successful PR was not about formulae or predefined paths but about creating meaningful connections and stories that resonated with audiences that solved a big problem. My commitment to authenticity, innovation, and perseverance allowed me to carve my niche in the competitive world of public relations and we managed to bag big clients right at the start of my journey. 

Throughout my journey, I faced an ample amount of challenges, but not once did I let the thought creep into my heart that I wouldn’t wake up to new opportunities tomorrow. This unwavering belief, my focussed vision coupled with sheer determination and passion to work for myself, has brought in a new transformation and newer areas of opportunities for the company. Today, I stand at the helm of an organization that has catered to a diverse clientele, ranging from ambitious start-ups to renowned venture firms, from the dynamic fintech sector to the intricate world of blockchain technology, and from lifestyle brands to touching every corner of the technological sphere.

Now, as I stand at this pivotal moment, I’m prepared to take Equations to the global stage. Our services will span across India and with the launch of our second office in the UAE region, this is just the beginning, thus marking a significant milestone in our growth story. This expansion is a testament to the spirit that has defined my journey, a spirit that never wavers, never gives in to the darkness of doubt, but always anticipates the dawn of new challenges to conquer. With this unstoppable determination and positive mindset, Equations is poised for even greater success and to make a lasting impact on the global stage.