In 2015, at the age of 27, I boldly founded Equations Media & PR, venturing into the competitive realm of public relations dominated by industry giants. Armed with a vision and unwavering determination, I navigated the evolving landscape, identifying opportunities amidst rapid transformations. In the face of challenges, I honed my skills and sought guidance from mentors, transforming Equations from a mere company into my heart’s manifestation of meaningful connections and innovative storytelling. Understanding that successful PR is rooted in creating resonant connections and narratives, I emerged stronger through the journey. Today, at the helm of Equations, we’ve served a diverse clientele, from ambitious start-ups to renowned venture firms, spanning fintech to blockchain and beyond, touching every corner of the technological sphere. As we embark on our global expansion, inaugurating our second office in the UAE, this momentous occasion aligns with the celebration of Women Entrepreneurship Day. This journey, defined by unwavering belief, a focused vision, and sheer determination, underscores the impact of women entrepreneurs in the business world. On this Women Entrepreneurship Day, we not only mark a significant milestone but also celebrate the resilience and achievements of women in leadership. Equations is poised for greater success, making a lasting impact on the global stage and contributing to the narrative of empowered women in business.