Let’s make your team meetings something to look forward to, not dread! Here’s a game plan to turn those wasted hours into pockets of productivity:

Pre-Meeting Prep:

  1. Mission briefing: Before scheduling the meeting, ask yourself: “Can this be achieved with an email or quick chat?” If the answer’s no, define a clear goal for the meeting. What do you want the team to walk away with? Share this goal with everyone invited – transparency is key!
  2. Assemble your team: Is everyone on the invite list crucial to achieving the goal? Large meetings can be draining. Think “strike team,” not “entire army.”
  3. Agenda, assemble! Don’t subject your team to mystery meetings. Circulate a clear agenda beforehand, including time allotments for each topic. This keeps everyone focused and prepared to contribute.

Meeting Time:

  1. Be a time ninja: Respect everyone’s time! Start and end the meeting sharp. If discussions run long, schedule a follow-up for specific points.
  2. Participation is key: Don’t let one or two voices dominate the conversation. Use breakout rooms in virtual meetings or try techniques like round-robin to ensure everyone gets a chance to be heard.
  3. Think visually: Spice up presentations with visual aids like charts or collaborative whiteboards to keep everyone engaged.

Post-Meeting Power Up:

  1. Recap and Action Items: Before wrapping up, summarize key decisions and assign clear action items with owners. Circulate these in a follow-up email or use a project management tool for transparency.
  2. Feedback loop: Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on the meeting itself! A quick survey can help you identify areas for improvement and keep those meetings productive and engaging.